1. Dare to Move Forward: Power Chair Football
    What is Power Chair Football?   Power chair football is one of the only active participation sport for people who use powered wheelchairs. As one of the only fast-paced and dynamic activities that is fully inclusive for all ages, genders and abilities to take part in, it is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK.  With the support of the Football Association (FA) & the Wheelchair Football Association (WFA), it shows no sign of slowing down.  The objective of power...
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  2. The Top 5 Wheelchair Accessible Events and Attractions You Need To Visit This Summer
    As summer draws nearer and the promise of a few days of sunshine becomes a possibility, the question that pops into everyone’s mind is ‘what am I going to get up to this summer?’. With hundreds of different options out there it can take some time to find out the ones that are accessible, so we’ve decided to put together our top 5 list of events and attractions you need to visit this summer! Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet or want the fun and noise of a...
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