Pride are one of the largest Mobility companies in the world and are renowned for their quality mobility products and services. Its main headquarters are in the United States with many subsidiaries based all around the globe including the United Kingdom, which is coming up on its 25th anniversary.


Pride Mobility’s relationship with Sitting Pretty was formed back in 2015 when they competed against many other manufacturers to produce Pride Mobility’s British made lift chairs. This partnership has grown from strength to strength and inevitably the growth and dynamics of this relationship has resulted in Pride acquiring the Sitting Pretty company and brand.


We have been working with Jim Henderson and Sam Henderson at Sitting Pretty since 2016 and have developed a great working relationship with them. When the possibility of purchasing and working alongside them came along, it was an obvious decision for Pride Mobility to pursue this acquisition.


After discussions with Scott Meuser, CEO and Chuck Finn, COO the decision was made to move forward and bring Sitting Pretty into the Pride global family. We will be working alongside the current team to streamline production and helping grow the company to serve our customers throughout the UK and Europe.’ Tim Murphy - VP of European and Middle East Operation and Sales 


Sitting Pretty started as a small family run business nearly twenty years ago. Operating out of the brother’s front room they were able to build their company into a well-known brand for quality and trust within the sofa and chair industry. After serving local customers for 4 years the company invested in the development of motion furniture in 2007. This acted as the catalyst for their big break into the trade and becoming the nationally known brand that is Sitting Pretty.


In September 2018 Pride Mobility and Sitting Pretty developed the 4 motor Dorchester Chair. The Viva-Lift mechanism gives the user numerous different sitting positions which helps the user achieve maximum comfort when sitting in the chair. This chair has developed over the last 2-3 years now available in multiple styles and sizes. By joining forces, Pride Mobility and Sitting Pretty can continue to develop the products further and continue to push the boundaries for innovation in the Motion Furniture Market.

‘This acquisition will create massive opportunity for both parties. Pride Mobility will benefit from the already well-established Sitting Pretty infrastructure. Equally, Sitting Pretty now have the backing of a global company to carry out the business objectives and continue to grow.’ Paul Clayton – Pride Mobility Sales Manager

Acquisitions are not a new venture to Pride Mobility and Quantum Rehab as they acquired Stealth Products® back in 2014 furthering its global footprint, much like the intensions are for Sitting Pretty. However, this is one to be noted, making Pride Mobility one of the largest, if not the largest recliner chair companies in the UK.

By acquiring Sitting Pretty, Pride Mobility has expanded its base and UK presence in what is to be considered a competitive industry. In doing so this acquisition will lead to enhanced credibility for Pride offering a more holistic production process and therefore improving the customer experience and satisfaction.

‘Pride Acquiring sitting pretty will help take both companies to the next level, in due course we will be able to manufacture and hold more stock, this will allow us to offer better delivery options and shorter lead times - These are exciting times for both Pride Mobility Ltd and Sitting Pretty Ltd with this unique partnership.’ says Steve Wright, Operations Manager at Pride Mobility.

This acquisition is indeed a win-win for both the companies, giving Sitting Pretty the ability to reach its full potential and allow Pride Mobility to increase its UK presence and continue to ensure customers worldwide are better served.

‘This is not the end of Sitting Pretty but a massive new beginning with new owners who will now push our brand further into the motion furniture sector of our industry, with new ideas and direction. We are excited to see Sitting Pretty grow from strength to strength even further in the near future.’ says Jim Henderson – previous Sitting Pretty co-owner.